ANDRITZ receives repeat order to supply key process equipment for Klabin’s Ortigueira pulp mill in Brazil

ANDRITZ’s delivery for the hardwood Fiberline capacity increase for the Puma I line includes modernization of the cooking, washing, screening and bleaching processes, which will increase the capacity from 3,742 adt/d to 4,080 adt/d. The order also includes a new ANDRITZ DD-WasherTM (drum displacer washer), which will ensure production of high-quality pulp, maximum operating time, and low chemical consumption, thus minimizing the environmental impact. The DD-Washer supplied to Klabin will be the 400th such washer to be sold worldwide.

Pablo Cadaval, General Mill Manager of Klabin – Puma Unit, says: “We selected our reliable partner ANDRITZ to supply a new DD-Washer, a washer whose capabilities are already very familiar to us, especially its flexibility for higher production rates and low chemical consumption in bleaching.”

Rodrigo Vendramini, Project Manager of Fiber, Water and Effluent Lines at Klabin, continues: “We were pleased to hear that our newest DD-Washer is ANDRITZ’s 400th DD-Washer sold. In fact, we also have ANDRITZ’s 300th DD-Washer sold in our Puma I line.”

ANDRITZ will also deliver the sixth eucalyptus debarking and chipping line (with a capacity of 350 m3 sob/h) to this site, thus completing the existing ANDRITZ Wood Processing Plant in the Puma II line. This order is part of the second phase of the Puma II project and includes an ANDRITZ debarking drum, which provides excellent debarking results with very low wood losses, and a horizontally fed HHQ-Chipper (EXL model), ensuring high capacity without compromising on chip quality.

This order once again confirms the excellent business relationship between ANDRITZ and Klabin. ANDRITZ has supplied major pulp production technologies and process equipment for Klabin’s Puma I and Puma II pulp lines in Ortigueira. Currently, a complete biomass gasification plant is being supplied to the Puma II line. ANDRITZ is also in the process of supplying the world’s first sulfuric acid plant for a pulp mill, producing commercial-grade, concentrated sulfuric acid. It will serve Klabin’s Puma I and Puma II pulp lines once completed.

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