Appleton Coated Launches Ethos® Offset and Lightweight Opaque Swatchbook

Appleton Coated’s new Ethos Offset and Lightweight Opaque Swatchbook is both a printed showcase and reference tool for these uncoated grades. Ethos, Appleton Coated’s wide-ranging and versatile uncoated brand, was introduced in 2016.

“We have been making offset since 2010 and lightweight opaques since 2013,” explains Jim Bird, Appleton Coated’s uncoated product manager, “and our uncoated products have an excellent reputation with our customers.” Bird continues, “The Swatchbook is a tool that showcases the grades and is an extension of the brand’s continued growth in the market.”

“The Offset section of the book features a comparison of 100% Post-Consumer Recovered Fiber (PCRF) Offset, 30% PCRF Offset, and Virgin Fiber Offset to showcase the printed and unprinted excellence of these three offerings.” Bird continues, “Customers are remarking that our sustainable options are virtually indistinguishable from their virgin counterparts. A notable benefit of the book is that every grade and basis weight shown in the book features printed and unprinted examples.”

Adds Bird, “The Lightweight Opaques section features Ethos Pharma Insert Opaque High Bright, Ethos Pharma Insert Opaque, and Ethos® Fiscal Opaque™. Customers are enjoying great success with these highly-engineered lightweight opaques specifically for the financial printing and high-speed production insert work for pharmaceutical and other consumer applications.”

Ethos Offset is offered in a wide variety of basis weights from 27 to 80 lb Text in both Smooth and Vellum finishes. Product is stocked in 50 – 80 lb Text in the most requested roll sizes. Ethos Pharma Insert Opaque High Bright, Ethos Pharma Insert Opaque, and Ethos Fiscal Opaque are offered in 27, 30, 35, and 40 lb Text with Pharma Insert Opaque 27 lb Text stocked in the most popular sheet and roll sizes.

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