Neenah launches DISPERSA (TM) Dissolvable Paper

Neenah announces the release of DISPERSA (TM) Dissolvable Paper, a water-soluble paper that dissolves completely and rapidly in water. DISPERSA (TM) Dissolvable Paper addresses key market needs dictated by an increased focus on environmental awareness, industrial and consumer safety, and convenience. It is 100% dispersible in water in seconds or minutes, depending on conditions, and suitable for flexographic, laser, and inkjet printing technologies.

The paper has unique dry strength properties that allows it to withstand the converting processes, but still dissolves when exposed to water. Applications include food rotation labels for reusable food containers in commercial kitchens and heat sealable pouches for safer handling of hazardous substances.

DISPERSA (TM) Dissolvable Paper will be manufactured in the USA.

Neenah is a leading global specialty materials company, focused on premium niche markets that value performance and image. Key products and markets include advanced filtration media, specialized performance substrates used for tapes, labels and other products, and premium printing and packaging papers.

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