Baker Labels moves into digital flexible packaging

Baker Labels is producing digital flexible packaging through its BakPac division, following a £2.5m investment in equipment and factory renovations.

BakPac has produced sample packs of unbranded stand-up pouches that emphasise the diversity in the markets that flexible packaging is used in

The company is offering a selection of base materials in silver, white, clear, and various thermally laminated finishes including soft-touch, matt, gloss, linen and leather for digitally printed pouches.

Options include zippers, tear notches, euro slots and multi-web pouches are available.

Phil Smith, general manager, BakPac, said: “Digitally printed flexible packaging may only represent a tiny percentage of the flexible packaging market but in the growing digital climate, it is likely to increase.

“The attraction of short runs and variability that digital flexible packaging offers is perfect for seasonal specials, trials and many small to medium businesses.

“The cost threshold of digital v traditional is decreasing so BakPac will not be suitable for end users requiring higher quantities but while they’re growing we’re perfectly positioned to allow conventional manufacturers offer what they need. When they scale up they’ll be able to do it without a break in the sales relationship.”

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