Color Trends: First Impressions Count

In the retail environment, brands have mere seconds to attract consumer attention and make an impact on their buying decisions. Color is a key influencer when consumers are forming their first impressions of a product, making it a critical component of package design.

To gain insight into how future trends can inform packaging innovation, the Crown Aerosols & Promotional Packaging Europe and Crown Food Europe teams recently embarked on a comprehensive research project with color and material designer and trend forecaster Laura Perryman. Together, they took a deep dive into color, surface, and texture trends with a goal of a better understanding of how consumer behavior impacts aesthetics and color choices.

After learning more about the design possibilities that metal packaging offers to brand owners and consumers, including innovative decorating techniques like embossing and specialty inks, Perryman looked broadly across design disciplines, consumer trends and trade shows to understand what is driving the market today and where it might go in the next two to three years.

She synthesized her findings into several key designs and aesthetic themes that formed the basis of an inspiration toolkit for our internal design team. The toolkit will inform the technologies we bring to market in the future, whether from a shape, color or functionality perspective, and will add further value to the counsel we can provide to customers on ways to increase shelf appeal and enhance consumer engagement.

In part two of our color trends blog post series, we take a closer look at the trends that emerged from our research partnership with Perryman and ways we are using the insights to create unique packaging solutions.

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