Breakthrough Creative: Part 5: The Art of the Call to Action (

Ah, the ubiquitous—and critical—Call to Action. Great branding, sumptuous, emotional or humorous creative, a strong voice: they are the vessels that hold the CTA. The ask: to buy now; sign-up; get more information; go online; hurry, don’t miss this sale. For every response-driven tactic we create—from catalogs to emails—we need to ask ourselves, “What do we want the customer to do?” Indeed, high-level, impactive brand campaigns can be relieved of the CTA burden when awareness itself is the end goal. But for most of our day-to-day work, the collective “we” need to consider what behavior we are trying to provoke. Once that preferred action is defined, the CTA has the football.

So many right and wrong ways to create a strong Call to Action. And so many opportunities to be creative while still getting the job done! Here are just a few thoughts in case you’re in a rut. For more, go to:

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