Cedar Springs Achieves Wildlife At Work Certification

The team at our Cedar Springs, Georgia, mill believes not only in being a good neighbor, but also a responsible environmental steward. In fact, the Wildlife Habitat Council recently certified the mill as a Wildlife at Work property, a distinction designed to recognize outstanding habitat management on industrial lands.

Wildlife at Work certifications aren’t easy to come by, but for Cedar Springs, the recognition is well-deserved. The employees working at the nearly 5,000-acre site go out of their way to minimize disruptions to wildlife living in the area. For example, the team has carefully relocated a dozen gopher tortoises over the years to ensure the animals are not harmed when a mill expansion or construction project occurs. Other species the team is working to increase include bluebirds, purple martins, bats, and insect pollinators, and it protects endangered mussels living in the Sawhatchee Creek, which runs through the property. The team is also planning to replant longleaf pine trees on 300 acres of the site, a move which will benefit a multitude of indigenous creatures, including the gopher tortoise.

Cedar Springs joins five other Georgia-Pacific facilities that have earned certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council over the years, including: Green Bay, Wisconsin; Big Island, Virginia; Monticello, Mississippi; New Augusta, Mississippi; and Rincon, Georgia.

read more/source: http://www.gp.com/Company/News-Room/News-Articles/2015/12/Cedar-Springs-Achieves-Wildlife-At-Work-Certification#.VmWFieMrKA1

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