Circular Economy Principles Bring Materials Back Around at Kingsport Mill

Construction is underway on the Kingsport Mill’s old corrugated container warehouse. The project is yet another example of circular economy principles in action.

When the former paper mill’s conversion into Domtar’s first 100 percent-recycled packaging facility is complete late next year, the warehouse will be an important part of its central nervous system. Each year, approximately 660,000 tons of recycled boxes and other kinds of mixed recycled paper used to produce new recycled packaging products will pass through the warehouse.

Every aspect of the warehouse was planned with sustainability and circular economy principles in mind, including its location (close to the intersection of Interstate 26 and Interstate 81), the highly efficient industrial vehicles patrolling its interior, and the very concrete on which it is being built.

The Kingsport Mill sits in the heart of the city’s downtown. Inbound and outbound trucks routinely traverse busy main roads to reach the mill.

However, thanks to a land swap with the city of Kingsport, the new warehouse and its shipping and receiving hub will be located directly off Interstate 26, which runs past the mill.

The new location will be more convenient for large trucks entering and leaving the mill and will alleviate heavy truck traffic downtown, which is better for local businesses and residents. The move also will eliminate thousands of miles of annual wear and tear on city streets and greatly reduce noise pollution from truck traffic.
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