CJK Group Invests in Sheridan Printing Facilities With Multiple New Equipment Purchases at Several Plants (piworld.com)

Sheridan’s parent company, CJK Group, has approved several new equipment acquisitions for the Sheridan facilities, bringing even more state-of-the-art capabilities to five of its nine locations.

The Sheridan Pennsylvania facility will install an HP T250 Series PageWide Inkjet Web Press equipped with an in-line Magnum Finishing Line, and will implement an upgrade of two HP T240 Series PageWide Inkjet Web Presses to the T250 format with the new T250 Core, Vision System, and DFE – all planned for this fall. In addition, a Muller Martini Infinitrim Three-Knife Trimmer will be integrated with an existing Vareo Perfect Binder, resulting in the most efficient means of binding and trimming ultrashort-run books down to a quantity of one. That installation is slated for this summer.

The Sheridan Kentucky and Sheridan Michigan plants will each implement an HP DFE Base and Vision System Upgrade to their HP Series PageWide Inkjet Web Presses (HP T400 Series in Kentucky and HP T300 Series in Michigan).

The Sheridan Wisconsin facility will add to its digital fleet with the installation of a new HP Indigo 12000 Sheetfed Toner Press this spring.
more at source: https://www.piworld.com/article/cjk-group-invests-new-equipment-sheridan-printing-plants/

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