DIC Releases HYDRAN™ GP Series of Environment-Friendly Waterborne Polyurethane Resins

DIC Corporation has launched HYDRAN™ GP series of environment-friendly waterborne polyurethane resins. These new resins have a higher solid content than conventional water-based polyurethane resins and contain no amines, helping customers to shorten process times and lessen odors, as well as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

These resins deliver an outstanding performance that is comparable to that of solvent-based products, previously seen as difficult for waterborne polyurethane resins. The HYDRAN™ GP series is available globally and is suitable for a range of applications including artificial leather, coatings and adhesives.
more at: https://www.sunchemical.com/dic-releases-hydran-gp-series-of-environment-friendly-waterborne-polyurethane-resins/

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