Driving Direct Mail Demand with Embellishments (piworld.com)

At PRINTING United Expo this week, Ashley Roberts, managing editor at PRINTING United Alliance, ran an informative panel session taking a closer look at driving direct mail results using embellishments. She was joined by Tim Armstrong, the founder of Flowcode; Scott Evans, president and CEO of Kenmore Envelope; and Chris Matthews, account manager for Scentisphere.

In general, the panel agreed that if there is one thing attendees can take away from the session, it’s that direct mail is a powerful way to connect to individual consumers, forging connections that an online presence alone simply can’t match. But to take direct mail even further and drive response rates up to 30% or more, embellishments are the way to go.

Evans noted that “the big trends we’re seeing right now are that embellishments are real, and the drive real response.
more at: https://www.piworld.com/article/driving-direct-mail-demand-with-embellishments/

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