E-Waste Recycling: UK Retailers to Foot the Bill Starting 2026 (twosides.info)

In a move to tackle the escalating issue of electronic waste (e-waste), the UK government has unveiled plans that will see producers and retailers covering the costs of recycling. From 2026 onwards, consumers can expect enhanced routes for disposing of electronic goods responsibly, marking a significant step towards a sustainable and circular economy.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) recently released a consultation outlining the initiative, emphasising a shift from taxpayer-funded disposal methods to a model where retailers bear the responsibility. This forward-looking approach aims to collect electronic waste, ranging from cables to toasters and power tools, directly from consumers’ homes or during their weekly shopping trips.

Material Focus, a not-for-profit organization, reported that nearly half a billion small electrical items found their way to landfills last year. The issue intensifies during festive seasons, such as Christmas, when a staggering 500 tonnes of Christmas lights are discarded. With the upcoming measures set to take effect in 2026, the government envisions retailers stepping up to cover the costs, reducing the burden on taxpayers.
more at: https://twosides.info/e-waste-recycling-uk-retailers-to-foot-bill-starting-2026

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