Expect Innovation from Colbert Packaging at Pack Expo 2023

Colbert Packaging, a leading manufacturer of custom paper-based packaging (colbertpkg.com), announces its new robotic solution for product palletization operations. Designed for fully automated and integrated labeling, orientation and palletization, the new customized system is expected to streamline the current manual processes. Colbert partnered with RōBEX, an industrial robot integration provider, to assess operational challenges and identify a solution. The RōBEX team, with expertise in automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, and palletizing, worked alongside the Colbert team to design the new system.

Developing this system was a complex task, given Colbert’s diverse needs. The solution needed the capability to pick and palletize multiple case variations and pallet configurations. Colbert also needed to manage multiple tier sheets and pallet types. RōBEX’s extensive expertise and innovative design approach led to the creation of a unique End-of-Arm Tool (EOAT) that proficiently handles all requirements. The RōBEX solution included a design blueprint, integration plan and meticulous cycle time calculations before final implementation.

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