IPG Unveils New Tishma Brand SafeSeal-AI System with Deep Learning Vision Seal Inspection Innovation

IPG® (Intertape Polymer Group®), a leading manufacturer of highly automated packaging machinery and turnkey solutions, has launched the new Tishma brand SafeSeal-AI™ Vision Inspection System which offers a reliable, repeatable, and precise inline seal and product inspection process.

“We have harnessed the power of A.I. to offer an unbelievably easy to use in-line heat seal inspection system for the food and medical industries,” explains Micah Ordway, IPG Product Manager – Machinery. “We applied our deep-learning A.I. vision tools to thermal images to find sealing, product or packaging defects – including those that are almost impossible to find with rules-based vision tools or even standard vacuum-check inspections.”

This PC-based, turnkey inspection system includes everything needed to reliably inspect heat sealed trays, bags, or packaged products at a rate of 300 scans/minute and includes 20 TB of data storage.

“Using artificial intelligence to solve challenging inspection requirements with high speed scanning, validation and data allows users to continually monitor their process and correct any discrepancies before they become major problems”, states Rob Hoffman, IPG Senior Director of Sales. “With fast, friendly implementation and deployment in freezer, wet or hot environments, the SafeSeal-AI allows for increased productivity, quality control, customer safety and satisfaction!”

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