Expera Coated Products Launches Refreshed Line of DUALBAK™ Liners for Performance Tapes & Sealants

Expera Coated Products announced today a new brand of liners used in the manufacture of Performance Tapes and Sealants. DualBak™ liners have the necessary performance characteristics to withstand demanding converting and end use applications, yet maintain the strength and stability to ensure specified customer requirements are met.

“Expera Coated Products’ DualBak™ liners are highly-engineered solutions that offer a wide breadth of silicone systems and release differentials as well as targeted base papers to fit the many demands of this segment,” explained Harry Challender, Vice President of Expera Coated Products. “We excel at customer collaboration, and that collaboration allows Expera Coated Products to develop application-specific liners that contain the functional properties critical to the success and delivery of our customers’ products.”

While applicable to a wide array of end-use applications DualBak™ liners are used in the Industrial (Building and Construction, Roofing, Widow and Door), Automotive and Transportation (Vibration/Sound Dampening, Weatherproofing, Fastening/Bonding), and Specialty Tape (Transfer Adhesives, Double Coated Adhesives, Medical) industries.

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