First paper machine of Klabin’s Puma II Project, MP27 exceeds the mark of 330 thousand tons of Eukaliner® produced in one year of operation

365 days of operation and a trajectory that stands out for its excellent performance. One year after the start of activities for the first paper machine (PM) of the Puma II Project – the biggest investment in Klabin’s history, which includes the construction of two paper machines with integrated pulp production -, the MP27 surpassed the mark of 330 thousand tons of Eukaliner® and Eukaliner White® produced and sold to the domestic and foreign markets, reinforcing the Company’s vocation for the development of sustainable and innovative solutions in paper and paper packaging in Brazil. The machine, which has the capacity to produce 450,000 tons per year, surpassed the learning curve expected for the period.

Developed and patented by Klabin, the Eukaliner® product range, produced at MP27, is the first in the world with kraftliner paper made 100% from eucalyptus fiber, which guarantees advantages such as the optimization of the forest area necessary for its production. (less resource for manufacturing the same volume of paper), in addition to properties such as a more robust structure, which allows for a reduction in the weight of corrugated cardboard packaging with increased resistance and better printing quality.

From the beginning of production, Eukaliner® even surpassed the characteristics observed in the laboratory during the tests for the manufacture of the product. At this stage, the product has been tested by more than 15 opinion-forming customers around the world. Currently, Eukaliner® has a Column Resistance Index (responsible for maintaining the integrity of the boxes when stacked) that is 80% higher compared to papers currently on the market. This result enables the production of more robust boxes and up to 20% lighter, increasing its competitiveness. “As a result, Eukaliner® performed better than expected in all customers who have already received the product, including several countries in Europe (such as Belgium, Holland, Italy, United Kingdom, Iberia, Portugal and Spain, among others) and Latin America. (Peru, Chile, Argentina,
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