Forest certification systems are effective tools to demonstrate sustainable forestry

“While a number of uniquely different forest certification systems are used around the world they: 1- have much in common; 2- share many basic objectives; 3- provide an additional measure of commitment to sustainable forestry; and, 4- are effective tools for supporting a responsible marketplace.”

Two Sides, the initiative exploding the myths and setting out the facts about print media’s sustainability in a clear and concise manner, has brought together facts from a variety of sources illustrate just these points. See below for a snapshot of some of their findings:

About forest certification systems
“There are dozens of forest certification programs around the world. Two programs – the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) – account for the vast majority of certified forests and chain-of-custody certificates. These two programs operate around the world.”

Environmental campaigns
“Policies regarding the procurement of timber, use of building codes and what businesses can sell to their customers should be informed by facts and science, not scare tactics …With a majority of forests lacking certification, we need common sense incentives and more certification options to achieve sustainable forestry management goals. Consumers and the general public deserve much better than the disinformation campaigns that have shadowed this debate.” Forbes (2013)

Competition benefits all standards
“A win, win, win for consumers, the environment, and the economy is to promote competition among all credible certification programs.” The American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research, 2013

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