More dialogue for a better forest experience

Forests close to urban areas, like all other types of forest areas, need to be properly managed in terms of both production and environmental considerations. One problem is that local residents have not known what is being done. In the Höör forestry operations area, Södra is now opening the door to improved dialogue.

The aim is to provide information about planned activities, and to explain why various measures are carried out. In addition, local residents and other interested parties will be able to express their views and ask questions.

“An unannounced change can often be perceived as something undesirable, especially when it affects the local area. Forestry measures are undertaken with a purpose and they lead to change, sometimes in several stages. By explaining why the measures are being carried out, the outcome will be more positive,” says Johan Johnsson, Area Manager of the Höör forestry operations area.

Over the past year, the forestry operations area has focused on improving communication with local residents. Initiatives have included putting up information on site, publishing information on websites and dropping newsletters in letterboxes, as well as seeking direct contact with local residents. Over the summer, for example, Södra – in collaboration with the Municipality of Kristianstad – will invite local residents to participate in a meeting in Arkelstorp. The meeting will initiate dialogue around the measures that have been planned for forest land close to the residential area.

“Listening to the views of the people who live here is important. Dialogue is always a two-way process, we can’t just provide information,” says Johan Johnsson. “Although we have taken a few steps forward, there is still a great deal to be done. We will continue to refine this process.”

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