Four Color Bible Printed at Sheridan Coincides with Opening of The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

American Bible Society, a 205-year-old Christian ministry and Bible publisher, entrusted Sheridan with the printing of their new commemorative Faith and Liberty Bible to coincide with the May 1, 2021 opening of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center located on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall. Both the Faith and Liberty Bible and the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center serve as educational resources to explore the Bible’s integral role in American history—illuminating the influence of the Bible on individuals in key historical and personal moments.

“The Faith and Liberty Bible allows readers to uncover the significant influence of the Bible on the American experience. Each of the 813 included articles and quotes were reviewed by a team of scholars of American history, law, and religion,” says American Bible Society Managing Director of Ministry Impact – Operations, John Greco. “Sheridan did a magnificent job of bringing this beautiful Bible to life.”

Utilizing Sheridan’s high quality, four color, web offset printing capabilities, the role of the Bible in America’s history is told with each turn of the page. From the matte coated text stock, to the printed case wrapped in a dust jacket, to the adhesive PUR glue binding, the materials for this Bible were carefully selected and come together beautifully to uphold its over 1,400 pages; making certain this Bible is around for years to come.

“Sheridan is honored to have been selected by American Bible Society to produce this commemorative Bible,” remarked Paul Loy, VP of Operations at Sheridan. “We are grateful for the trust they placed in us to produce and deliver this book in time for the opening of the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center.”

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