ABS Graphics Partners Again with Komori to Advance Its Offset Printing Capacity (piworld.com)

ABS Graphics, Itasca, Ill., opened its doors approximately 30 years ago and over time has evolved into a full-service operation that can handle a wide range of commercial print work, from design to offset and digital print to finishing, mailing and fulfillment. Recently, the company installed a new six-color Komori Lithrone G40 (GL640) with LED/UV to expand its already considerable capabilities and to add greater value to its bottom line.

The new press replaces a 16-year-old Komori GL640 offset press with H-UV. While the older press continued to run well and produce quality images, the decision to upgrade became a matter of economics from a maintenance standpoint. Comparing those operating costs to the benefits of investing in a new press, the new press won hands down.

“The purchase of a new press was really an economic decision. It just made sense from many different standpoints. It offered the technology, run speed and efficiency that we needed to continue on our growth path,” said Russ Babka, president and owner of ABS Graphics.
more at source: https://www.piworld.com/article/abs-graphics-partners-again-with-komori-to-advance-print-technology/#ne=d7f0e6e16b0d037f71fc050491da5623&utm_source=today-on-piworld&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=2021-05-20

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