Give your feedback on amendment proposals to the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management standard for EUDR alignment

Stakeholders globally are invited to give their feedback on the proposed amendments to the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management standard (ST 1003) to achieve alignment with the EUDR requirements. Deadline for comments is 13 July 2024.

To ensure that PEFC-certified raw material coming out of PEFC-certified forests is EUDR compliant, the PEFC SFM Working Group has added and amended a number of requirements to the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management standard (ST 1003).

Now we need your feedback on these new and amended requirements. The public consultation is open now and you have until 13 July 2024 to give your comments. Please note, we will only accept comments on the new and amended requirements, any comments given on requirements outside this scope will not be considered.

The PEFC EUDR roll out
Over the last months, we have made considerable progress on our roadmap to EUDR alignment. While the new PEFC EUDR DDS will help PEFC chain of custody certified organisations comply with their EUDR obligations, the amendments to our SFM standard will ensure the raw materials coming out of a PEFC-certified forest also comply with EUDR requirements.

After several months of work by the SFM Working Group, we are ready to hear from you.

Public consultations are a vital part of the development process of our standards. They are when you get to read the draft, make your comments, and give direct feedback. Every comment made will be addressed.
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