Tetra Pak commits to taking action for nature

Ahead of the United Nation’s International Day of Biodiversity on 22nd May, Tetra Pak has announced the launch of its ‘Approach to Nature’ – a comprehensive framework that defines the company’s contribution to halting and reversing nature loss and enhancing water security. The approach aligns with global targets, including those outlined in the Biodiversity Plan that calls for action to halt biodiversity loss and put nature on a path to recovery for the benefit of all life on earth.1

A report from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) shows that nature is deteriorating at rates unprecedented in human history, largely due to human activity.2 Global food systems are identified as the main drivers of nature loss,3 with wide-reaching impacts that threaten global economies, livelihoods and food security.4

Recognising this complex interdependency and building on a thorough evaluation of nature-related impacts and dependencies, Tetra Pak’s ambitious new ‘Approach to Nature’ aims to manage the impacts of the company’s value chain on nature and to support the restoration of ecosystems.5 Additionally, it seeks to contribute to global water resilience by reducing negative impacts on local water resources and addressing shared water challenges in basins at risk.6 All of this across the geographies, the business, its suppliers, and its customers are operating in, building a strong foundation upon which Tetra Pak can further accelerate its actions for nature.
details at: https://www.tetrapak.com/about-tetra-pak/news-and-events/newsarchive/tetra-pak-commits-to-taking-action-for-nature

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