Give your feedback on the Vietnamese national forest certification system

PEFC invites stakeholders around the world to comment on the Vietnamese national system, following its submission to PEFC for endorsement. To give your feedback, head to our Online Consultation Tool.

This is the first time that Vietnam has submitted its national forest certification system, marking an important step towards PEFC certification in the country.

Make your comments now! The deadline is 25 November.

The Viet Nam Forest Certification System (VFCS) joined the PEFC alliance in June earlier this year, becoming our 50th national member.

“Being part of the PEFC family will help us to promote forest certification in Vietnam, and to meet the requirements of domestic and international markets,” said Dr. Bui Chinh Nghia, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Forest Certification Office.

Through its new Forestry Development Strategy, Vietnam seeks to establish, manage, protect and sustainably use 16.2 million hectares of forestland by 2020, and to certify at least 3 million hectares by 2030.

Find out more about the Vietnamese national system by signing up for the webinar taking place 18 October. The webinar will introduce the system and highlight the main aspects.

The PEFC endorsement process

The 60-day global public consultation is a vital part of the PEFC endorsement process. It is your chance to comment and provide feedback on any aspect of the national system


The PEFC Registered Assessor that carries out the assessment will use the information received from this consultation to help determine the compliance of the national system with our international requirements.

Once the national system has successfully passed the assessment, the PEFC General Assembly votes on its endorsement. A two-thirds majority is required for a system to be endorsed.

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