Go Inspire Group Prioritises Sustainability And Joins Two Sides

The print and paper advocacy group, Two Sides, are excited to announce its newest member, one of the UK’s leading printers, Go Inspire Group.

Go Inspire Group is a Marketing performance company that invests in their people, practices, and the latest technology so they remain efficient and are able to progress their environmental journey.

“At Go Inspire Group, we know that your marketing print is more than just a piece of paper. It represents your brand and is a powerful, persuasive and proven addition to any marketing strategy.” says Patrick Headley, CEO at Go Inspire.

Patrick continues, “By joining Two Sides, we hope to promote the sustainable qualities of our company and an industry that has a great sustainable record.”

“There are many environmental myths that surround the print and paper industry, our latest research found that most UK consumers vastly underestimate the paper recycling rate. Only 17% believe it exceeds 60%, in fact it’s 72%.” says Jonathan Tame, Managing Director of Two Sides UK.

“Misconceptions like this mean the work we do at Two Sides is more important than ever. Welcoming new members on board is always a pleasure, and it means we are able to share the environmental merits of print and paper with a much wider audience. We look forward to working with the Go Inspire Group.”

By joining Two Sides, Go Inspire has access to a large library of co-brandable communications tools, consumer research, industry-leading information, sustainability advice, and events.

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