GreeNest egg packaging comes to the U.S.

Huhtamaki’s innovative GreeNest® egg packaging, using 50 percent grass fibers, is now available in the United States. In partnership with Sauder’s Eggs, Huhtamaki has introduced an environmentally conscience egg package nearly as natural as Sauder’s Pasture Raised Eggs themselves. Our GreeNest® line of molded fiber egg packaging provides the same protection as traditional molded fiber egg packaging, while being both home and commercially compostable.

Customers will be able to actually see and feel the grass fibers on the surface of the packaging, reinforcing brands who value sustainability.

It all comes together with a patented production technology that produces a completely natural product made from grass collected in nature reserves. The process also reduces the carbon footprint of production by 10 percent while consuming less recovered paper.

More about the source of our grass
We get our grass fibers from selected grass grown in protected wilderness areas. These Natural Reserve Organizations need to remove the grass from their fields to help the fields thrive. Until now, this has been a cost for them to accomplish as the grass cannot be used as food for livestock, for example.

Further, this grass has not been fertilized or treated, so it is completely natural — making it a perfect partner for organic or free-range eggs. By sourcing our grass from nature reserves, we help the organizations that run them, benefitting everyone, including your retail customers.

GreeNest® packaging is currently available in retail stores in the Northeast United States.

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