Help Two Sides Tell Dropbox To Stop Greenwashing

Two Sides was recently flooded with complaints from around the world about unsubstantiated anti-paper environmental claims used by Dropbox, Inc. to encourage the use of its digital services. In an email distributed globally, the digital document management and storage company claimed that “Less Paper = More Trees,” using Dropbox is “more earth-friendly,” and that people can “do their part for the planet” and “secure the future of forests” by using Dropbox.

With nearly 17 million paying customers and millions more who use its free service, Dropbox’s misleading claims are damaging consumer and business decision-maker perceptions of paper’s environmental sustainability and threatening the livelihoods of millions of people in the global paper, printing and mail sector.

Two Sides wrote to the company’s CEO urging Dropbox to stop using these types of deceptive environmental claims about paper. Now, we’re asking our members to amplify the urgency of our request with letters of your own.
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