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The documents and changes being consulted on are:

**Standard to define small and low-intensity forests to now include community forest
FSC-STD-01-003 SLIMF & Community Forest Eligibility Criteria sets a generic threshold and definition for ‘SLIMF’ and ‘community forest.’ SLIMF and community forest thresholds are then able to be adapted to the national context. The main changes being consulted on include:

*New definition for ‘community forest’
*Adding flexibility to national standard developers, even allowing for the threshold for SLIMF to be over 1000 hectares once there is justification in addition to stakeholder support provided

The consultation ends 13 June 2022. Learn more about the process here.

**Procedure to revise and set FSC requirements
PRO-01-001 Developing & Revising Normative Documents outlines the process steps, decision-making and engagement requirements for revising or developing most FSC policies, procedures and standards. Key changes introduced in the consultation are:

Three different ways of conducting the revision or development process instead of one prescriptive way
*There are now two phases: conceptual and drafting
*More emphasis on testing
*There is a published Normative Framework Schedule and documents are only published twice a year
*Decision making is updated
The consultation ends 30 June 2022. Learn more about the process here.
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