High Performance and Circular – The new Katan-Ex Loop30

It all started with the question: is it possible to create a high performance stretch film based on recycled material whilst keeping the high-quality level?

And now, Trioworld proudly presents Katan-Ex Loop30: the high performance stretch film for businesses, allowing them to both reduce their carbon footprint and keep their loads stable. Katan-Ex Loop30 arrived right on time: this product makes it easier than ever to switch to a more sustainable option.

Sustainability goals
Trioworld has a strong focus on sustainability and has set clear goals for the use of Post-Consumer Recycled materials in many of its products. Trioworld is therefore proud to introduce this new high performance stretch film with 30% PCR content.

Real circularity
It’s fair to say that Katan-Ex Loop30 is a truly unique product. The task of creating a cast stretch film with Post-Consumer Recycled content – whilst keeping the high-quality level – was a tough challenge. Generally speaking, recycling stretch film soon leads to a drop in quality, as the stretch film intended for recycling is often contaminated due to its previous use. However, Trioworld’s starting point was that the new stretch film must comply with the high standards of both customers and Trioworld itself.

“The reason Trioworld managed to develop a high performing stretch film with recycled content is by applying those high-quality standards throughout the entire process. And this is why customers can be sure of a consistent product”, says Jolien Stevels Research & Development Director at Trioworld.

At Trioworld’s recycling plant in France, the collected stretch film is sorted, cleaned and treated to make new raw material for the Katan-Ex Loop30. The result: a circular cast stretch film with a lower carbon footprint. *
more at: https://www.trioworld.com/en/media/press-releases/2023/katan-ex-loop30/

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