HMH Launches the Center for Model Schools™ to Drive Transformational Change in Districts Across the Country

Learning technology company HMH today announced the establishment of the Center for Model Schools. Building on the legacy and work of the International Center for Leadership in Education, the Center for Model Schools provides K-12 school systems with ongoing leadership support through its namesake Model Schools Conference, leadership cohorts and shoulder-to-shoulder consulting.

“Now more than ever, every student must be part of a school community that enables them to thrive in an increasingly complex world,” said Dr. Joshua P. Starr, Managing Partner, the Center for Model Schools. “I am thrilled to introduce the Center for Model Schools as a place where districts can deepen the skills needed to transform insight into action and create environments where all learners succeed. Every child deserves a Model School, and leaders make that happen.”

Leaders can engage with the Center for Model Schools in three key ways:

  1. Transformational Leadership Network: The Transformational Leadership Network, steered by experts and practitioners, connects leaders who share similar challenges.
  2. Leadership Consulting: Leadership consultants from the Center for Model Schools partner with school and district leaders to bring their visions to life.
  3. Model Schools Conference: The Model Schools Conference is the nation’s largest gathering for rapidly improving K-12 schools and districts.
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