Holmen’s interim report January-September 2017

Operating profit for January–September 2017 was SEK 1 745 million (January–September 2016: SEK 1 583 million excluding items affecting comparability). The improvement in earnings was due to higher wood product prices and better earnings from forests.
Compared with the second quarter, operating profit increased by SEK 68 million to SEK 593 million, mainly because second-quarter earnings were negatively affected by a maintenance shutdown.
Profit after tax for January–September amounted to SEK 1 336 million (982), which corresponds to earnings per share of SEK 15.9 (11.7).
Return on capital employed increased to 9.4 (8.4) per cent.
Cash flow was strong during the year. A dividend of SEK 1 008 million has been paid while net financial debt decreased by SEK 360 million.
more detail at:  https://www.holmen.com/en/press/press-release-archive/press-releases1/press-releases/holmens-interim-report-january-september-2017-2017-10-24/

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