Neenah announces the highly anticipated launch of Touché Papers

Neenah announces the highly anticipated relaunch of Touché Papers. With new color additions to the line, Neenah now has a complete portfolio of the best-selling soft touch papers on the market.

The name Touché, which comes from the French verb toucher, meaning, “to touch,” depicts the essence of these papers. “Soft touch papers are ideal for projects that are meant to get noticed. Handing someone a business card that not only looks beautiful, but also feels unique is guaranteed to make an impression. An elegant book cover with this soft, subtle texture instantly invites the consumer to reach out and touch it. These papers are elegant and sophisticated, are known for their on-press performance, and offer a luxurious touch like no other paper can,” says Auburne Gahlman, Marketing Manager, Neenah.

Neenah has refreshed the Touché palette with the addition of three new colors and a 91 bright white. “The new Bright White was in direct response to a market need. This means the new Touché lineup ranges from a deep black to a bright white,” says Gahlman.

The complete Touché lineup now includes 10 sensuous colors and three whites. New colors include Sterling, a warm leather-like gray; Concord, a deep grape hue; and Saffron, as rich a color as its culinary namesake.

Touché joins a collection of other “soft touch” paper brands in the Neenah family, notably PLIKE® and SLIDE™. These soft touch papers offer three truly unique benefits to specifiers: First, the colors are dyed through, eliminating those less-than desirable white edges on boxes and business cards. Next, the soft touch finish is on both sides of the paper; the unique touch doesn’t stop when you turn over the business card, or flip open the book cover. Third, they are especially receptive to specialty techniques including foil stamping, embossing and engraving. In fact, these papers are most commonly chosen for applications where the “touch” factor is preeminent and the paper is key to the design. Think: business cards, covers, folders, greeting cards, magazine covers, and of course, packaging.

“These papers are soft to the touch, but printers and designers alike will attest to the sharp, crisp results achieved on press. Touché is perfect for when you really want the paper to speak for itself while it showcases your design,” says Gahlman.

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