Huhtamaki Increases Production of Advanced Smooth Fiber Packaging in Europe to Provide Plastic-Free Packaging Solutions

Huhtamaki, the world’s leading provider of responsible packaging solutions, has strengthened its manufacturing capacity for smooth-molded fiber packaging. Smooth molded fiber is a revolutionary and technologically advanced material that can be used to make very demanding food packaging and to replace hard plastic.

Huhtamaki’s production plant in Alf, Germany, is moving from the production of plastic products to the production of smooth-molded fiber products to meet the growing demand for plastic-free food packaging. In 2022, the Alpine unit plans to replace more than 2,000 tonnes of plastic with fiber. This modern, automated production unit will be able to produce up to 3.5 billion fiber products annually in the future. Alf’s unit will be the first such large-scale plant in Europe with production capacity.

Huhtamaki’s products made from plain extruded fiber are already used by the world’s leading catering companies. Alf’s advanced production unit currently manufactures fiber covers for a wide range of situations, as well as packaging tailored for leading catering companies and FMCG companies, many of which are suitable for hot, cold and frozen products. Unlike polypropylene products made from fossil fuels, smooth extruded fiber products are renewable, compostable and recyclable. They are a responsible alternative to similar plastic products. Huhtamaki’s wood fiber for customized and generic products is sourced from certified, responsibly managed European forests. Products made by Alf are certified for home composting (“OK”

“Demand for responsible alternatives to plastic food packaging is constantly growing. With our advanced manufacturing technology, we can make top quality lids, trays and other products from fiber. These products significantly reduce the consumption of plastic – which is made mostly from fossil raw materials. In addition, they meet consumer expectations, including hygiene and safety. Our wide range of responsible fiber products made in Germany and our expertise in material and manufacturing technology innovations help our customers achieve their sustainability goals, ”says Eric Le Ley, President of Huhtamaki’s Fiber Foodservice Europe-Asia-Oceania business segment.

Huhtamaki’s goal is to be the primary partner in responsible packaging solutions. The company aims to have its products recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2030. By developing scalable and feasible ways to replace plastic, Huhtamaki offers its customers responsible alternatives to food packaging in line with its 2030 strategy.

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