Humanity Marketing: Combining Data and Emotions to Make Powerful Human Connections (

Join Us For An ANA Exclusive Webinar – Thursday, November 17, 2022 at 10:00am Central

Think data is only about numbers? Think again. Data insights have proven that making a true human connection based on emotions is far more effective than relying on data and logic alone. In fact, if you’re only relying on data to make marketing decisions, your brand is likely getting left behind.

Consumers say that 80% of the brands they buy from don’t matter to them. See how data and analytics is proving that a more HUMAN approach is far more effective.

Brands are based on relationships and relationships are based on feelings. But most brands focus only on a transactional relationship with their customers. They just sell them things. But nobody likes to be “sold to.” So, what’s the secret to brands who are loved? This session will pull back the curtain on some of today’s most beloved brands and explain how they’ve made a deep emotional connection with their audience.

Key takeaways from this session:

• Learn 7 tips for making your brand more human
• Learn the evolution of branding (and where your brand is on the scale)
• See examples of how data insights led to more informed emotional messaging

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