Ilim Group to Allocate RUB 145 mln for Reforestation Efforts

This year they will cover the area of 34,000 ha and include artificial, natural, and combined reforestation activities and tending of young stands.

As a responsible forest manager, Ilim Group performs reforestation activities on an annual basis. In 2014, Ilim experts performed reforestation work on leased timberland in the Irkutsk, Arkhangelsk, Vologda Oblasts, Komi Republic and Krasnoyarsk Territory covering the area of 28.9 thousand ha. Over 3.8 million of pine and spruce seedlings and 2 thousand kilograms of pine and spruce seeds were planted as part of the effort to create forest plantations. Tending of young stands was carried out over an area exceeding 4.500 ha.

All the forests managed by the Company have been duly certified in accordance with the international standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)™. With 5.7 million ha, Ilim Group has the largest FSC™ certified forest area in the world.

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