Important Neenah Customer Announcements

Please read below for two important updates from Neenah:
Neenah is announcing a price increase of approximately 2% on select Commercial Brands of paper and envelopes. The list below provides information for all brands that are being increased.

Writing, Text & Cover Papers* – ASTROKING® Papers; ASTROPARCHE® Papers; CLASSIC COLUMNS® Papers; CLASSIC CREST® Papers; CLASSIC® Laid Papers; CLASSIC® Linen Papers; CLASSIC® Stipple Papers; CLASSIC® Techweave Papers; CLASSIC® Woodgrain Papers; CLEARFOLD® Papers; CONSERVATION® Papers; CORONADO® SST Papers; EAMES™ Papers; ENVIRONMENT® Papers; ESSE® Papers; HOWARD® Linen; MOONDREAM® Papers; OXFORD® Papers; PLIKE® Papers; ROYAL SUNDANCE® Papers; SLIDE®; SO…SILK® Papers; STARDREAM® Papers; STARWHITE® Papers; TETON® Papers; UV/ULTRA® II Translucent Papers.
Cotton Fiber Papers* – ATLAS® Bond; CANALETTO Papers; CAPITOL BOND® Papers; CLASSIC COTTON® Papers; CRANE’S CREST® & CRANE’S BOND® Papers; CRANE’S LETTRA® Papers; FOX RIVER SELECT® Papers; GILBERT® Cotton; NEENAH® Bond & Laser; NEUTECH® Cotton & NEUTECH® PS Papers; ROYAL COTTON® Papers; WILD® Papers.
Bright Papers* – ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers; EXACT BRIGHTS® Papers.
Technical & Specialty Papers* – EXACT DIGITAL® Color Copy; EXACT® Index; EXACT® Tag; EXACT® Vellum Bristol; NEENAH® Blotter Papers; NEENAH® Color Copy; NEENAH® Folding Board

Brands not listed in the attached table are excluded from this price increase.

Orders entered prior to today’s date will maintain today’s price regardless of ship date. Orders placed after today’s date with a ship date prior to December 4, 2017 will also receive today’s price. All existing contract business will be reviewed and revised within the agreed upon terms of the contract.

In our continuing effort to provide best-in-class service to you on our core brands and our high performing items, we will no longer be replenishing select under-performing skus from our portfolio. The impacted items will be available while supplies last.

Certain SKUs in the following brands will no longer be replenished:
• CAPITOL BOND® Papers (1 sheet sku)
• CORONADO® SST Papers (3 sheet skus)
• EXACT® Index Papers (1 sheet sku)
• FOX RIVER SELECT® Papers (1 sheet sku)
• HOWARD® Linen (4 sheet skus, 33 envelope skus)
• NEENAH® Laser 25% Cotton Papers (1 sheet sku, 33 envelope skus)

** The balance of the skus within these brands WILL continue to remain available. **

We will be working with you in transitioning any impacted business you may have to a comparable Neenah product. As always, non-replenished skus will remain available on a made-to-order basis within our manufacturing minimum guidelines.

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