Johnson & Quin CEO David Henkel Is 2022 Printing Industry Hall of Fame Inductee (

David Henkel’s path in life — his ultimate trajectory — really began after his father’s service in World War II, when his family moved to the suburbs of Chicago. While Henkel willingly admits he “didn’t have a strong sense of direction” in his early life, he was distinctly interested in sales and marketing, and attended the University of Illinois (B.A. in economics) and Indiana University (MBA in marketing). Following post-college positions in marketing research and medical supply sales, the family business, Johnson & Quin, beckoned. Henkel’s father, Robert, had purchased Johnson & Quin in 1960.

Johnson & Quin, in Niles, Illinois, has a long history in the printing industry. Henkel highlights that the company is 145 years old, based on records. He believes the business may even be older than that — the true age perhaps unknowable — due to the loss of city records during the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Henkel’s career involvement began July 1, 1977 — “45 years and counting,” Henkel says — when he joined Johnson & Quin as a sales representative. When he started at the company, it produced a combination of very specialized forms — one for the medical segment, another for the telecom industry. His first assignment was to look for emerging market opportunities.
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