Klabin publishes its Forest Stewardship Plan for Santa Catarina

Klabin, Brazil’s largest paper producer and exporter and the leading manufacturer of corrugated board packaging and industrial bags, has published a public summary of its 2016 Forestry Stewardship Plan for Santa Catarina on its website. The plan presents the Company’s initiatives for managing its forests, its social and environmental actions in the region, as well as social and sustainability policies.

The Public Summary describes Klabin’s forest areas in Santa Catarina using geo-climatic, topographic, geological and hydrological data. It also sheds light on wood forestry stewardship, covering different areas and operations such as research, planning, forestation, harvest and forestry transportation, in addition to non-wood forestry stewardship practices.

The latest plan highlights the High Conservation Value Areas (HCVA) and Klabin’s monitoring activities conducted in these areas. Some of the conservation highlights include the State Natural Heritage Private Reserve (RPPNE) Serra da Farofa Complex, which spans about 5,000 hectares and houses the sources of the Caveiras and Canoas rivers, which are vital to the region.

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