K’ó moks and Qualicum First Nations will pilot SFI Module for Indigenous Peoples, Families, and Communities

K’ómoks First Nation, in partnership with Qualicum First Nation, welcomed TimberWest, the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) to the K’ómoks First Nation Band Office to announce that they will pilot the SFI Small-Scale Forest Management Module for Indigenous Peoples, Families, and Communities. This is to be implemented on Rosewall Forest Tenure Holdings Ltd, the jointly managed working forest of K’ómoks First Nation and Qualicum First Nation.

“K’ómoks has been actively managing its forests for a number of years, and we have recently started working with TimberWest on market access and other sustainability initiatives through our Memorandum of Understanding,” said Nicole Rempel, Chief of the K’ómoks First Nation. “When SFI approached us to consider this small-scale forest management certification, we knew it was something we wanted to implement, and we knew TimberWest could lend their expertise. Obtaining SFI certification is a good long-term decision for the benefit of our community and the future generations that will be managing the forests in the years to come.”

The SFI module is designed to reach smaller communities and elevate the benefits of well-managed forests through collaboration and conservation. The module includes measures to broaden practices to address the conservation of biodiversity, the use of forestry best management practices to protect water quality, soil productivity and reforestation, and the use of forest management and harvesting professionals. SFI is actively looking to engage with First Nations, woodlot owners or community forests interested in learning more about this innovative approach to third-party certification of small-scale forests.

“We have worked in close collaboration with the K’ómoks and Qualicum First Nations on business and educational opportunities for many years,” said Jeff Zweig, President and CEO of TimberWest. “The SFI pilot project is an important step forward in further improving outcomes on the forest land base and opening up greater market opportunities for their wood. We are pleased to share our expertise on forest certification, and provide support on the required auditing processes applicable to the environmental, social and economic values underlying SFI certification.”
more at source: https://www.timberwest.com/ko-moks-and-qualicum-first-nations-will-pilot-sfi-module-for-indigenous-peoples-families-and-communities/

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