Method and Amcor combine to introduce a new package with a significantly enhanced sustainability profile

Method and global packaging leader Amcor have combined to introduce a new package with a significantly enhanced sustainability profile for Method’s dishwasher-cleaning product.

The product, Power Dish, is now delivered to consumers in a reclosable polyethylene (PE) stand-up pouch – developed and produced by Amcor – with a carbon footprint that is up to two-thirds smaller than the package it replaced.

The attractive, functional packaging contains 20 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin, and is itself more easily recycled.

Joe Hunter, Director of Packaging Development at Method, says consumers are increasingly seeking products and packaging that are better for the environment.

“One of Method’s core values is to ‘pioneer the future,’ and this new, more sustainable monofilm pouch is another step in that journey,” said Mr. Hunter.

Using PCR resin in flexible packaging reduces the need for virgin petroleum, which shrinks the carbon footprint. This improvement, together with the pack being recyclable, makes the overall carbon footprint 64-percent smaller when the package is recycled at store drop-off points, said Alex Hayden, Vice President of Research and Development for Amcor’s flexible packaging business in the Americas.

“Our global expertise with PCR in flexible and rigid packaging is producing new forms that not only work well and look great, but also help Method and Amcor meet our growth and sustainability goals by being better for the planet” said Mr. Hayden.

“Amcor has delivered an innovative product that meets Method’s functional, sustainability and aesthetic requirements.”
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