Metsä Group starts cooperation with 4H in Finland to strengthen young people’s relationship with forests

Metsä Group has started cooperation with the Finnish 4H Organisation to strengthen young people’s relationship with forests and widen their understanding of forestry and the possibilities it offers.

“Metsä Group is an important player in Finnish society. We employ a wide variety of jobs around the country and export products manufactured in Finland to international markets. Finnish forestry operates on a sustainable basis and its future outlook is very bright. The cooperation with the Finnish 4H aims to strengthen young peoples’ understanding of the economical, ecological and social significance of forestry as well as promote the excellent prospects the industry has to offer for the future both in Finland and globally,” says Juha Laine, SVP, Communications, Metsä Group.

Metsä Group is the main partner within forestry in 4H’s Business Lab in Helsinki. The Business Lab is a new concept for young people interested in entrepreneurship. The Business Lab is a novel type of hub for peer learning and communication that is equipped with the latest technological solutions. The long term goal of 4H is to build Business Lab to a nationwide concept in Finland.

“We appreciate that Metsä Group cooperates with us to develop and expand the 4H Business Lab concept right from the beginning. I believe that this cooperation will be significant for developing our young people’s relationship with forests. It also strengthens their path to entrepreneurship,” says Tomi Alakoski, CEO, Finnish 4H Organisation.

Metsä Group also supports the forest-day visits that the Finnish 4H annually organises for about 35,000 pupils and students in various parts of Finland. The purpose of these days is to offer young people a versatile forest experience.

In addition to supporting the Business Labs and forest-day visits, Metsä Group, in cooperation with 4H, also offers young people the opportunity to visit the Group’s production units or forest sites in Finland, as well as supporting entrepreneurship education for young people.

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