Zero Waste with DS Smith

3–7 September 2018 is Zero Waste Week, an annual awareness campaign for reducing landfill, increasing reuse and recycling, and helping to protect the environment. For Zero Waste Week, we’re exploring what zero waste is and what it means to DS Smith.

What is zero waste?
‘Zero waste’ is the idea that by making changes to the way we live, work, and use resources, we could eliminate all unnecessary waste from society. If all products could be designed so that they produce no waste by making all of their components reusable or recyclable, and if all people had access to reliable recycling services, we might be able to create a society where items will always be reused or recycled instead of being thrown away.

It’s a hugely ambitious idea, and one that will take some time for society to achieve, because many of our products and processes currently create waste in one way or another. But the principles of zero waste can be adopted now to help us achieve those zero waste ambitions. By preventing items from becoming waste, and designing for reuse and recyclability, people can reduce the amount of waste that they generate.

Our ‘Box to Box in 14 Days ’ model, with its closed paper recycling loop, is part of the zero waste philosophy. By recycling used paper and cardboard – some of which is produced by us – into new products, we’re preventing them from becoming waste, and we’re using waste as a resource for our manufacturing operations.
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