Midland Paper Launches New HP Indigo and Offset Printable Specialty Substrate Catalogs

Midland Specialty Paper & Film, a division of Midland Paper, Packaging + Supplies, is excited to announce the official launch of two (2) new stand-alone Specialty Paper & Film Catalogs – Specialty Paper and Film for HP Indigo and Specialty Substrates for Offset Printing.

These new catalogs provide a unique, powerful single source for all of a printer’s Digital and Offset Specialty Substrate needs:
• HP Indigo Catalog – A 170 page catalog with the most extensive offering of Indigo-compatible Coated Paper, Uncoated Paper, Text & Cover, Pressure Sensitive Films, Non Pressure Sensitive Films and Pressure Sensitive Paper in the industry.
• Offset Specialty Paper and Film Catalog – A 40 Page catalog containing Offset-printable Pressure Sensitive Film, Non Pressure Sensitive Film and Pressure Sensitive Paper Substrates.

Midland’s national sales organization will be distributing these new catalogs to its customers over the next few weeks. “Midland’s Specialty Paper & Film Division has grown from $8.0 million in 2012 to $90.0 million in 2018. Without question, our Catalog offerings have been a driving force behind that growth and we are very excited for our customers to see the new offerings”, said Mike Ratcliff, President of Midland’s Specialty Paper and Film Division.

For more information, contact Mike Ratcliff at Michael.Ratcliff@midlandpaper.com and Rick Keber at Rick.Keber@MidlandPaper.com.

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