Monadnock Paper Mill Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of EPA’s Climate Partnership Programs

You are probably already aware that environmental stewardship is one of Monadnock Paper Mill’s core beliefs. But we’re also keeping a close eye on the future—that of our organization, our economy, and our planet. That’s why we are long-time partners with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power (2007), SmartWay Transport (2010), and WasteWise Partner (2002) Programs. Through the EPA programs, we’ve committed to:
*Using green power as a way to reduce the impacts associated with conventional electricity use.
*Moving goods in the cleanest, most efficient way possible in the U.S. and Canada, SmartWay partners protect the environment, enhance North America’s energy security and foster economic vitality.
*Promoting the use and reuse of materials more productively over their entire life cycles.

One hundred percent of Monadnock’s papers are made with renewable wind-powered electricity that is certified by Green-e® (Third-party Certified Renewable Energy Certificates) and we’ve delivered:
*Promoting environmental awareness among our customers, suppliers, converters, employees, and local residents.
*Providing environmentally sustainable products and services to our customers.
*Maintaining our record of compliance with environmental regulations and standards.
*Continuing to invest in research to determine innovative ways to reduce waste and to efficiently use natural resources.
*Choosing materials with minimal environmental impacts during the design and development of new products.
*Encouraging legislators and state officials to develop sound environmental policies and regulations.
*Committing to continual improvement in pollution prevention and in reducing environmental impacts identified in our 14001 Environmental Management System.

This year, our work is being celebrated alongside other organizations that have partnered with EPA. It was 30 years ago that EPA launched its first-ever voluntary climate initiative. Over the years that followed, we and other organizations have teamed up with EPA and helped prevent more than 6 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering our atmosphere. We’ve also helped American families and businesses save $500 billion.

We firmly believe that environmental progress can go hand-in-hand with economic growth and that being good to the planet can be good for business. Through our partnership with EPA, we’re delivering real climate solutions that make good business sense, and we’re paving the way towards a clean energy future.

To celebrate this 30th anniversary, EPA is looking back at the legacy and impacts of these programs and thanking partners like Monadnock Paper Mills who have made it possible. You can learn more at We’re honored to be part of this important milestone, and we are proud to serve as a model for others in the paper, packaging, and technical specialties industry.

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