Two trailblazers in sustainability, Successfully switching from plastic to paper

Packaging and Specialty paper manufacturer Sappi and packaging machine manufacturer Rovema – two internationally acknowledged frontrunners in sustainability – have joined forces in a strategic partnership to offer customers reliable, sustainable packaging solutions. Find out how the conversion to paper-based solutions can be achieved effectively and reliably in the upcoming episode of the Blue Couch Series on Tuesday, 21 September at 10 a.m. (CET) at

*“Functional Paper Packaging – Cooperation leads to perfect packaging”
*René Köhler from Sappi and Jens Torkel from Rovema will be guests on the Blue Couch
*Tuesday, 21 September at 10 am (CET)

Sustainable packaging is about much more than simply the packaging materials used. It also considers the technology that is deployed to process them. Since 2018, Sappi and Rovema have been collaborating as partners in the development of integrated packaging solutions as a complete package for forward-looking customers who wish to position themselves sustainably in the market. So far, these projects have yielded extremely positive results thanks to in-depth knowledge transfer between the paper manufacturer and the machine manufacturer.

René Köhler, Director Paper & Packaging Solutions at Sappi Europe, knows just how important the precise interaction is between product, paper and machine. Together with Jens Torkel, CEO of Rovema, he will soon be a guest on Sappi’s Blue Couch to talk about the cooperation between Sappi and Rovema in the field of Functional Paper Packaging.

The discussion will highlight and explain the launch process of a new product in a new recyclable paper packaging from sustainable, renewable resources. You will learn what happens in the individual phases and why is it so important that brand owners, material suppliers and machine manufacturers work closely together at a very early stage when it comes to new materials.

The episode “Functional Paper Packaging – Cooperation leads to perfect packaging” will be streamed on 21 September at 10 a.m. (CET). Have you missed an episode? You can watch all the videos from the Blue Couch Series whenever and wherever you may be:

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