Mondi and Meurer wake up coffee wrapping with new paper solution

Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, has created a new secondary paper packaging solution for wrapping bundles of food and drinks, replacing plastic shrink film that has been the industry standard.

The new paper solution, TrayWrap, is made with Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap and is being used by a coffee brand to secure 12 coffee packages for transportation across Sweden.

The paper wrap holds the coffee packs tightly in place with 4-6 adhesive dots on the bottom side of the existing corrugated tray. Pre-punched folding points ensure stability on each open side, meaning that the products can be seen, stacked, transported and easily unpacked for sale.

Advantage StretchWrap is 100% kraft paper made from renewable resources. It has no coating, is fully recyclable and easy for retail customers to dispose of in Europe’s existing paper recycling streams. The solution has a unique combination of mechanical properties. While having a high strength and excellent puncture resistance it exhibits very good stretchability, making this solution also suitable for grouped packaging applications, in line with future regulatory requirements in Europe.
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