Neenah Industrial Solutions Rebrands to Indafor, Reflecting its Mission of Collaboration and Innovation

Neenah Industrial Solutions, a Mativ brand and leading manufacturer of critical components and specialty solutions, today announces a name change and rebrand to Indafor.

The rebrand provides the perfect opportunity for Neenah Industrial Solutions to move beyond the legacy parent company Neenah-based name and adopt a new name, look, contemporary website, and updated marketing collateral, resulting in the launch of the Indafor brand in March of 2024.

The new Indafor name pays homage to the brand’s more than a century-old history of strength, innovation, and industrial solutions by marrying the words industrial and the Latin word for strong, fortis. The brand’s tagline, “Where it all comes together,” positions it for a future of continued partnership, process, and progress in pressure-sensitive tape backings, performance labels, medical packaging, dispersible technology, abrasive backings, and specialty paper markets.
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