Next Level Technology Innovations Powering Up Direct Mail (

Digital media is significantly expanding the opportunities for printed direct mail campaigns. NAPCO Research has launched a comprehensive report, Direct Mail and Digital Media: A Winning Omnichannel Marketing Combination, which explores the key drivers behind the increased effectiveness of direct mail, the methods through which digital media enhances its performance, and the fresh opportunities accessible to those in the direct mail printing industry.

Evolution on many fronts has heightened the value of direct mail and strengthened opportunities for direct mail printers. Over 89% of direct mail users participating in a NAPCO Research survey currently integrate or plan to integrate digital media and direct mail.

A top factor driving direct mail demand is the ability to boost its performance with digital media to create omnichannel campaigns. The goal of omnichannel marketing is to provide an integrated and unified customer experience across multiple communication channels in the customer’s buying journey. The idea is that presenting a unified message across every customer interaction will have more influence than a disconnected experience.
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