A Third Of Advertisers Have Reduced 2022 Spending Due To Macroeconomic Factors (mediapost.com)

In another sign of the toll that macroeconomic disruption has been taking on the ad economy, more than a third of advertisers (35%) say they have reduced their 2022 advertising budgets due to increasing inflation and/or disruptions in their supply chain.

While most of the executives who have cut their ad budgets said they have reduced them by less than 20%, the median was 15% among all of them.

The good news is the percentage saying they have reduced their 2022 ad budgets due to the economic factors is down from 40% who said so in a similar survey conducted by Advertiser Perceptions in July and August.
more at: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/379919/a-third-of-advertisers-have-reduced-2022-spending.html

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