Packaging concept for vegan chewing gum wins BillerudKorsnäs’ design competition PIDA UK

Josh Curtis from Ravensbourne University in London triumphed in the UK Packaging Design Impact Award (PIDA) and earned this year’s Gold Award. His entry “Ritini” impressed the jury with its shape, branding, and versatility.

“Ritini” is an eye-catching package, a branding tool and a clever dispenser all rolled into one. The word Ritini is Greek for resin and the tear-shaped package design is inspired by the drops of resin that are the key ingredient of the vegan chewing gum. “They are the Tears of Chios,” says Josh Curtis. “The package is designed with a colour palette that is typical of Greece. It’s user friendly, easy to dispense the gum and fits perfectly in your hand.”

At PIDA, design students from universities and colleges from seven countries compete with their creative packaging designs. The competition is organized as five separate events: the USA, Sweden, France/Belgium, the UK, China*, and Germany/Austria. The winners of the Gold Award at each event will meet in a Grand Finale at Luxe Pack Monaco in October.

Every year, the contestants get a new brief. At PIDA 2022 the title of the brief is “It’s a Wild Life”, encouraging the students to find inspiration in nature for their packaging concepts. As for Mr Curtis’s “Ritini” entry, the jury noted: “The complete package, sustainable product well branded & unique cartonboard packaging shape and product dispenser, a fully deserved winner.”
more at:–news/press-releases/2022/packaging-concept-for-vegan-chewing-gum-wins-billerudkorsnas-design-competition-pida-uk

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