Part 1: Businesses can change the course of climate change

As the world grapples with the climate crisis and biodiversity loss, it’s time for bold, decisive action. The private sector plays a crucial role in advancing sustainability, not only within their own operations but also through support for responsible forestry initiatives. In our “Unite in the Forest Fight” blog series, this is the first of three articles that unpacks the importance of forests in our collective efforts against the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

The climate crisis and biodiversity loss are intertwined crises that demand urgent attention. The temperature rises signifies more than just a number – it’s the line between manageable challenges and catastrophe. While we can mitigate some effects at various temperatures, crossing the 1.5°C threshold reveals a tipping point we’re beginning to experience. However, it’s not about doom and gloom; it’s about recognizing the power we hold to make positive change. The path to a sustainable future is within reach, and the private sector plays a significant role.
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